I have been having a lot of fun with this deck but I don’t really know how viable it is. I’ll explain how I play it and what decks I find easy vs which ones give me a lot of trouble. I hope to get some feedback from more experienced players and maybe some thanks from newer players if they find success in this deck. Without further ado: My ideal starting hand contains giant skelly and barrel. I drop the skeleton at the bridge and throw the barrel on the tower. You don’t care if your skelly lives, you just want him to reach the tower. I find a lot of people aren’t quick enough on the first play to kill your skelly before he reaches tower. If they do manage to do it, almost certainly whatever troop he used will die to the explosion (unless it is minions, in which case I drop arrows on them). Be sure not to try and arrow the minions to save the skelly, it wont fire in time (because of elixir charging) and they will head to your tower earlier than expected because they predict his death to final tower shot. Whatever happens to your skelly the barrel will do a nice lil chunk of damage anyway. If you get lucky you can get a fast tower with just the skelly barrel combo. My overall strategy is to stall out the game, absorb damage with my inferno and bomb towers, and wear them down with skelly, barrel, and rocket. Never use rocket on a tower by itself unless you have 10 elixir and nothing else to do. I always save rocket to combo crown + camps, or crown + any other building they drop. You can also time rockets with any troops they drop behind their king. If you over extend with this deck you will get shredded, you have to play defensively and poke them down. I use both towers, goblins, minions, and arrows for defence more often than not. Goblins to distract tanks while my inferno chews them up. Minions are great for defence if they build up a swarm and you need to protect your towers. I always place my towers in the middle of the board so they can defend both lanes. If you find yourself down a tower in later game you can place your towers closer to your surviving lane. In some cases if the game is tight you can drop a tower right in front of your queen to actually displace their units and in some cases draw aggro away from your crown. My deck is very strong against cheap hordes because the bomb tower just shreks them. The inferno also mangles giants and balloons. Most of my losses are do to overextending and getting beat on the counter attack. If you focus on counter-play you can stop almost anything that comes your way. This deck frustrates a lot of people in my experience. I am sure there are counters to this deck or weaknesses that I simply don’t know because I have never been over 1550 trophies. But if you want to climb to arena 5, this has a high win % for me.v