Clash Royale July Update: Balance Changes and New Cards

Hello everybody, in this guide I’m gonna show you an amazing PriHo deck that i just tried out in a tournament, and i actually got to first place with, even if i lost some matches after. But anyways, let’s get into the guide. In this deck, i use the furnace to always keep the pressure. Now, you may think it’s hard to send decent pushes every 10th second, now it’s not all that bad that’s why i bring the elixir collector in this deck, You’re not only getting an elixir advantage but you’re also getting enough elixir to always send pushes. Card Breakdown: Prince: Obvious card because of the title, if your opponent can the stop the hog rider, he will most likely struggle against the prince. Main damage dealer together with the hog rider. Hog Rider: All Hog users love the sound of: Hog Rideeer! He’s just so amazing with his fast movement speed and high damage. Easily countered with a cannon in the middle. Valkyrie: Almost every deck needs this card. She will just spin around whenever you want her to, she will crush the witch and her little bone brothers, Barbarians just disappear, etc. She’s great for almost everything. Put her in the front of your prince or hog rider and the will easily shove her forwards
Mini P.E.K.K.A: Great defensive card, as she melts tanks like Golem and Giant while your Valkyrie totally destroys the support. Replace with fire spirits or fireball if you’re in arena 6 or below (as Royal Giants don’t belong there). Cannon: The best defensive structure in the game, IMO. Stops alone giants, hog riders etc. The cheapest defense too, use that to you’re advantage an gain some positive elixir trades out of it. Zap: Obviously, do i need to explain this card? Just cast it on a Minion Horde, a tower (for an extra hit). Can be replaced with arrows. Elixir Collector: Great all-around card, can be put i any deck, Hog Trifecta, Golem, Giant, etc. ”You gotta spend Elixir to make Elixir.” ALWAYS Place it down in the beginning if you have it. Can be replaced with a cheap card such as skeletons or spear goblins and just cycle through them. Furnace: The last card and the core of this deck, everything cycles around the Furnace. Make sure to upgrade it to a high level so that you’re fire spirits are strong enough to take out things like Barbarians and Minion Horde without problem. Try to have 2 furnaces down in 2x elixir. Place the first one right in front of the kings tower, obviously on the side you wanna push. How to play If you’re an experienced player (as I’m not one), you probably just should skip this, but i hope you read and at least learned something. Offense In the start put down the collector if you have it, if not, put down the furnace. Have none of them? Wait for your opponent, if they doesn’t play anything, you can try a Valkyrie + Hog Rider/Prince if you want. Otherwise, you can just use your creativity. Keep pressuring with pushes and defend with Valkyrie + Mini P.E.K.K.A. chip away at your opponent tower and try to win. I don’t think this deck requires much skill. Defense: Imagine you’re defending against a Giant + Witch combo, Put the cannon down in the usual position (4 tiles form the river and the tiles form the arena tower). Then just send a Valkyrie to take care of the Witch. Do the same defense against all giant combos. Royal Giant is a bit different. Put your cannon down so both that AND the arena tower can target the Royal Giant. Place a Mini P.E.K.K.A or a Valkyrie if you need to. Weaknesses The last but maybe the most important part of this guide. Every deck has weaknesses. The Lava Hound: Try to just ground push or just go for a draw. Other all air decks: Same as above Giant Skeleton: The most hated card, IMO, but shouldn’t be that hard to beat when you have so many ways to push. You’ve all been waiting for this: HOW DO I COUNTER THE SPARKY?! Well, Sparky isn’t that good. I have the Sparky and i don’t think she’s that good (I’ve not won a single trophie using her). Just try to distract her reset her with the zap and take her out with the Prince, Valkyrie or Mini P.E.K.K.A. Do the usual 4 3 plant with the cannon. That’s it for this guide and hope you all learned at least something!
You can check out on Reddit for more details!

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